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A grim fairy tale

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Oz Perkins
Release Date
30 January 2020
Horror, Fantasy, Thriller
Sophia Lillis, Samuel Leakey, Charles Babalola, Alice Krige, Ian Kenny, Abdul Alshareef, Jessica De Gouw, Manuel Pombo, Beatrix Perkins

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Everyone knows the fairy tale about the siblings Hansel and Gretel. Screenrant has now started filming the latest adaptation of “The Daughter of the Devil” director Oz Perkins with the title “Gretel and Hansel”. Once upon a time, in a cursed country. Because they are very hungry, the young Sophia Lillis and her little brother Samuel J. Leakey are forced to leave their parents’ house. They run around without orientation. You will find a hut in which an old woman (Alice Krige) lives who appears friendly. Gretel and Hansel believe they have finally found a place where they are safe. Very interesting plot of this film.

The eerie murmur of children’s voices and the mysterious apparitions quickly make Gretel think that the old woman has evil in mind. Will the young woman be able to protect herself and her brother? In the new adaptation, Hansel and Gretel have to fear for their lives in an enchanted forest full of dangers. In the film Sophia Lillis (“Es”) and newcomer Sammy Leakey will play the siblings. Alice Krige (“Star Trek: The First Contact”) and Jessica De Gouw (“OtherLife”) target the two as cannibalistic witches. Charles Babalola (“Maria Magdalena”) will be seen in the role of the hunter. I will, however, stay with the movies from DC. This time I liked the movie Birds of Prey. I think you too.

Everyone knows this story

The film has only three main characters, Gretel, Hansel and the witch. The film tells of friends, who go to the dark forest in search of food and work and meet the witch’s house. The director attached importance to the fact that Gretel is older than Hansel. So that it fits better into the present time and also shows the conflict that something we have to love and protect can hinder our own growth.

We find ourselves in a cursed country a long time ago. the young Gretel (Sophia Lillis) and her little brother Hansel (Sammy Leakey) are forced to leave their house because they have to find food and work. They wander around completely disoriented and finally get lost in the deep dark forest, where they meet the old but friendly looking woman (Alice Krige). This gives them food and a place to sleep. But Gretel gets visions from other children and hears their voices. She senses that something is wrong and tries to protect her little brother. The witch herself has a cruel secret.