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Pioneer. Genius. Rebel.

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Marjane Satrapi
Release Date
11 March 2020
Drama, Romance, History
Rosamund Pike, Sam Riley, Aneurin Barnard, Anya Taylor-Joy, Simon Russell Beale, Jonathan Aris, Corey Johnson, Tim Woodward, Peter Sztojanov Jr., Harriet Turnbull, Indica Watson, Demetri Goritsas, Mirjam Novak, Cara Bossom, Franciska Törőcsik, Drew Jacoby, Michael Gould, Ferenc Iván Szabó, Ariella Glaser, Richard Pepple, Ralph Berkin, Mark Phelan, Ed Fleroff, Isabella Miles, Thanh-Huy Phan, Alex Bartram, Balázs Veres, Edward Davis

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Accordingly, Marjane Satrapi’s film deals with all the important stages in Marie Curie’s (Rosamund Pike) life. The obstacles that the French science establishment presents to her as a woman and a Polish woman. The encounter and marriage with Pierre Curie (Sam Riley), the first Nobel Prize , taken alone by her husband. Pierre’s early accidental death, the scandalized affair with a former student. The hate that society encounters and the second Nobel Prize. But she also tells of Marie Curie’s later life, in which she developed mobile X-ray machines and brought them to the battlefields in the First World War with her daughter Irène (Anya Taylor-Joy). This shows two things: Marie Curie’s research career did not end with the death of Pierre Curie. And there is more than one exceptional woman in the Curie family. Radioactive 2020 shows us this story perfectly.

Maria Curie – an amazing woman

I assure you that horror The Invisible Man will not disappoint you. Directed by the Iranian-French comic artist Marjane Satrapi. The film is based on the graphic novel Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love and Fallout by Lauren Redniss, which was adapted for the film by Jack Thorne. The story tells of Marie Curie, her work and her meeting with her future colleague and husband Pierre Curie. Previously, Satrapi had only filmed her own graphic novels, such as Persepolis and Chicken with Plums. Rosamund Pike took on the role of Marie Curie, Sam Riley plays Pierre Curie and Anya Taylor-Joy their daughter, who later received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry under the name Irène Joliot-Curie. Without it, there would be no such advanced medicine. We owe her a lot. I hope you like this movie too.

This is a documentary about a Polish woman

In any case, Satrapi places far more emphasis on Marie Curie’s scientific work than. For example, Marie Noëlle in her film Marie Curie, in which the urge to explore was so closely connected to Marie Curie’s sexuality that she was seen naked again and again. Instead, Satrapi stages the uniqueness of the connection between Marie and Pierre Curie through a wonderful sequence in which the shadows of Marie and Pierre on the first night they spend together merge on the wall and then rise into the starry sky. The discoveries and researches of the French chemist and physicist Marie Curie (Rosamund Pike) in France still have an inevitable impact on people’s everyday lives. Her foreign background made her the target of the French press. She found important support only in her husband and research partner Pierre (Sam Riley), the love of her life.